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Weijie hotel products co., ltd

 W & J Hotel Article Co.,Ltd established in 1997, which is an integrated set of industry and trade company, manage and sales of general machinery, knitting textiles, stainless steel products, glass products, cleaning services, goods and technology import and export, is a very professional hotel articles supplier in China.

W & J has been certified as qualified by international management systems, including ISO9001:2000,our products have been marketed widely not only over 30 places domestically, but also to U.K 、USA、Japan、Sweden、Middle East、Africa etc 15 areas all over the world.

In addition, With the untiring efforts of all staff and persistent development of technology and effectual promotion of management, W&J is bound to construct a professional hotel article supplier which is based with mighty competitive strength and enormous potential, in order to achieve better and better. Copyright © 1995-2022 CHONGQING WEI JIE HOTEL ARTICLES CO., LTD. All rights reserved Powered by EyouCms渝ICP备06008046号-1